giffing my life away.
i'm in love with fictional vampires.

if i’m going to single handedly take back our town, i’m going to need a little bit more to go on.

                 or  m a y  b e  i  just  n e e d  to  get  o v e r  it.

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Caroline Forbes in 6x01.

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Hope is the only thing keeping me going

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❝every queen needs her KING.❞ ♕ (10/18/14)

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I’ll survive. Somehow I always do.

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get to know me meme: [19/20] favorite fictional characters → rebekah mikaelson

We are the strongest creatures in the world, and yet we are damaged beyond repair. We live without hope, but we will never die. We are the definition of cursed.

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I found the song "in my veins" by andrew belle, maybe you could create a gif set of Delena with it? :3

sure, i’ll add it to my list! I’ve gotten quite a few requests lately and I haven’t had much time to gif so please be patient! I haven’t forgotten any requests and won’t forget them, I will get to them when I can! 

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Hi! Could you do a photoset of Jyler (Jeremy and Tyler) from 2x06? Thanks!

can you be more specific? do you want a particular scene? I’m blanking on what happens between jeremy and tyler in 2x06

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A Week of Steroline

Day 2 - Most heartbreaking moment/scene

—> (5x22) Caroline mourns Stefan as he watches from the Other Side

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